draft beer menu

By Audrey,

Draft beer menu

Guinness Draught-Irish dry stout 4.2% ABV

Smithwicks-Irish red ale 4.2% ABV

Magners-Irish dry cider4.5% ABV

Carlsberg-Danish beer brewed in the German pilsner tradition 5% ABV

Blue Moon-Belgian white 5.2%ABV

NEBCO Sea Hag-American IPA 6.2% ABV

Rotating Drafts

Beer”d Dogs and Boats American Double IPA 9.1%ABV

Back East Audacity Imperial Brown Ale 10.6%ABV

Two Roads Honey Spot Unfiltered White IPA 6% ABV

Sixpoint Hi-Res American Double IPA 10.5% ABV

Yuengling American lager 4.5%ABV

Pipeworks Blood Orange Guppy Session IPA 5.5%ABV

Goose Island Winter-Brown with rich nutty chocolate notes 5.3% ABV

Platform The Ghost Inside Gose 4.2%ABV

UFO Abracadabra Hefeweizen with Apricot 5.8%ABV

Thimble Island Experiment 166 IPA 10.2%ABV