Valentines Day

By Audrey,

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wo Roads Two Juicy – Unfiltered New England Style
Double IPA with juicy flavors from Citra, Mandarina
Bavaria and other hop varieties to give grapefruit, pine,
lychee, orange and tangerine notes 8.2% ABV
+ Stratford, CT
Hooker Brewery #NO Filer – Juicy New England style IPA
dry hopped with a massive amount of citra and mosaic
hops 7% ABV
+ Hartford, CT
Two Roads Igor’s Dream – Russian Imperial Stout named
after famous local Igor Sikorsky 12% ABV
+ Stratford, CT
Back East Brewing Ice Cream Man – American IPA brewed
with Citra hops and loads of citrusy and fruity notes
with subtle orange creamsicle taste which gives the
name 6.9% ABV
Singlecut Softly Spoken Magic Spells – Far away across + Bloomfield, CT
the field there is a golden IIPA with a tropical / bright
citrus / mild pine and smooth / soft lightly sweet malt
that will take you home again. 8.6% ABV
+ Astoria, NY
NEBCO Fuzzy Baby Ducks – Single Dry hopped IPA with
all Citra hops to give big mango, papaya and citrus
tastes, American IPA 6.2% ABV
+ Woodbridge, CT
No Worries Boned IPA – Bright and citrusy, medium
bodied IPA brewed with five different hops to achieve
complex yet smooth flavor 6.9% ABV
+ Hamden, CT
Kent Falls Temporal Confusion – This beer spent six
months in wine barrels previously containing peaches.
The addition of house cultures create a well developed
balance of tartness and lightly oaked fruit character.
Barrel aged Gose 4.9% ABV
+ Kent, CT
NEBCO Sea Hag – American IPA 6.2% ABV
Magners – Irish Dry Cider 4.5%ABV
Sam Adams Cold Snap – Witbier 5.3% ABV
Carlsberg – German Pilsner 5.%ABV
Guinness Draught – Irish Dry Stout 4.2%ABV
Blue Moon – Belgian White 5.2%ABV
Smithwicks – Irish Red Ale 4.2%ABV
Goose Island Winter Ale – Brown Ale 5.3% ABV
Chocolate covered Strawberries – 1 for you and 1 for
your boo
+ Pair with Igor’s Dream
Homemade Crème Brulee – its cold, torched on top and
effing delicious
+ Pair with Singlecut or No Worries
Caramel Apple Dumplings – Fluffy and Decadent just
like Steve
+ Pair with the IPAs
Mango Sorbet – Kinda like ice cream but its not really
ice cream. still good doe
+ Pair with Kent Falls, Cold Snap, or Ice Cream
House made Guacamole Ice Cream with Chocolate drizzled Man
tortillas – Sounds weird, but don’t knock it until you try
+ Pair with whatever you want because you are a
strong independent woman and don’t need no man
Chocolate torte – Getchya chocolate fix
+ Pair with Igors Dream

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