Proprietor Bobby O’Connor hails from Blarney, County Cork – Ireland. As you know, Blarney is home to the internationally known Blarney Castle where thousands of tourists from around the world visit each year to tour the Castle and then kiss the Blarney Stone, where legend holds that after kissing the Blarney Stone, you may inherit the gift of gab (Oh, that’s a bunch of Blarney”!)… For parts of the last three decades, in the shadow of the Blarney Castle in the village square, the O’Connor family has played host to many of these tourists and Blarney residents in their nationally acclaimed Restaurant/Pub Muskerry Arms.

With the opening of O’Connors Public House in Southeast, New York, Bobby O’Connor is hoping to transfer that same warmth and mystique that encompasses all of the visitors to his family’s establishment in Ireland. Upon entering the newest addition to the Southeast Business community, visitors will encounter a beautiful large mosaic of turn-of-the-century Cork City, Ireland and they will also be greeted by a very friendly staff. Patrons will be able to order food from a carefully selected Irish Faré Menu or maybe just partake in a round of your favorite spirits from our beautifully appointed bar which will include our own Gourmet Coffee Bar.

O’Connor’s Public House is looking forward to hosting an enjoyable lounge type atmosphere that transcends you to a touch of Ireland and momentarily brings you back home. Patrons will be able to come & discuss business or pleasure in a setting where hopefully of Bit of Blarney rubs off on you thereby ensuring a most successful day. Here’s looking forward to seeing everybody and Cheers to All.